UNITE 2030: Inclusivity for All

January 31, 2019 | Online


UNITE 2030 | Inclusivity for All is our first ever FREE mini-hackathon! At Inclusivity for All, we'll be taking a look at broader issues.

Will you be a part of it?


Two days of new ideas and connections

What to expect at UNITE 2030 | inclusivity for all


Saturday, December 8th

Build relationships and learn new skills at unique workshops and experiences during the day. Learn your challenge, and meet your teams, and let the ideation begin. Hear from experts on how to best tackle global challenges, and discover how to begin launching your worldchanging ideas.


Sunday, December 9th

Explore endless opportunities to form connections with like-minded worldchangers from around the globe. Work with expert mentors to streamline your ideas, and work to finalize your solution to the challenge. Pitch your solution to a panel of judges, and compete to win the UNITE 2030 Challenge.


Why is UNITE 2030 hosted online?

We want to democratize access to the conversations, information, and worldchanging opportunities that shape the world. Our Global Summits are 100% online and inclusive. Hosting our Global Summits online helps us create a space where people are not left out of conversations because of the color of their passports, inability to travel or social or economic status. We want to convene a space that is entirely globally inclusive and not exclusive, putting narratives from around the world into the heart of the solutions that we create, taking conversations out of the United Nations and conference rooms, and into the hands of real, young people like you.

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Included in your UNITE 2030 Experience


A Two Day Program. . .

5 workshops, individual mentoring time, lasting friendships, a sweet playlist, and two days to solve a global challenge plaguing our world. What more can you ask for?

Workshops & Activities . . .

Throughout the weekend, you'll immerse yourself in a number of workshops and activities. Explore your passion for making the world a better place, dive deep into an intense topic, and develop new capacities to create change in your community and in the broader world.

Unite Ambassadorship . . .

After you complete the UNITE 2030 Summit, you automatically become a UNITE Ambassador in your community. You'll gain access to a broader network of worldchangers, have the opportunity to attend and host events in your community and online, and be provided a platform to help you become a young leader on the global stage.

Certificate of Participation . . .

Every participant that completes the full UNITE 2030 Summit receives a certificate of particiption. We also give out team and individual awards to outstanding worldchangers who have shown promise in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership throughout the weekend.


The UNITE community actively seeks new members who are promising aspiring leaders and who can make a strong contribution to the UNITE 2030 experience. We take the application process seriously, and review each application in detail, and look forward to reading yours. UNITE 2030 | IFA is not to be missed! Questions? Please read our FAQ first, and then send a note to summits@theidhouse.com.


Cost to Attend UNITE 2030 | IFA: £40

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